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Snowy Sitka aerial photo of downtown

Map made from 9th of January 2020 photos

3D Printed Verstovia

16 February 2020

The 3D print of Mt. Verstovia is here!
holding a 3d printed mountain and rotating it back and forth
This has been a dream product of Jfactory's for a long time. I will open up the store for pre-orders soon. Please check back in a week!

Snowy Sitka

20 January 2020

After the heavy snow that Sitka received in the first half of January, Jfactory was out there mapping because Sitka hasn't had a good snow in a long time! Trying to capture the fresh-fallen, pristine snow is a time-critical endeavor. Before long, the snow gets dirty, wind blows it off the tree limbs, and chunks slide down the roofs. Here are some shots from the winter wonderland while it lasted.

Looking East from SFAC
The Sisters and Verstovia
Looking towards Mt. Edgecumbe
Looking at my first place of Sitka residence so many moons ago
Looking down on the SFAC 'Quad'
Looking at me through Tycho's lens