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Snowy Sitka aerial photo of downtown

Map made from 9th of January 2020 photos

COVID-19 Response Maps

17 April 2020

Mapbox recently shared a tool called Sheet Mapper that can be used to create a map which is linked to a Google Sheets document. This allows for multiple people to contribute to and edit a map, meaning all changes don't have to go through one person, or one account. I thought this tool could be useful for Sitka and my first thought was to show businesses that are delivering now to aid those impacted from quarantine.

screenshot of a map of Sitka with a few markers of various colors on different spots

Deliveries for Sitkans in Quarantine. Click here or on the picture for the full map

When you tap or click on a marker on the map, it shows the hours that delivery is available and relevant info to contact them to make an order. Businesses are, of course, offering a pick-up option, but to my knowledge, it is still unkown to many Sitkans that the two main grocery stores are offering delivery service. Sitka does not have the convenience of delivery drivers that are so ubiquitous down south. I'm hoping this can be a resource to people who have been impacted by the quarantine and find it harder to get essential items during this time.

I'm hoping for feedback or collaboration and possibly even what other maps could be used in this way for Sitkans. Please join the Facebook Group or the Discord server to share your thoughts or simply if you're curious and want to learn more.

Thank you so much for reading!

COVID-19 Update

31 March 2020

For the time being, Jfactory has ceased all operations pertaining to the rollout of physical products. The philosophy here at Jfactory is that manufacturing and shipping should be reserved for essential items at this time. However, digitally, now is the time to thrive. We have been hard at work developing the 3D page for the website and testing out some products specific to this time of quarantine. Hope to update you again soon.

3D Printed Verstovia

16 February 2020

The 3D print of Mt. Verstovia is here!
holding a 3d printed mountain and rotating it back and forth
This has been a dream product of Jfactory's for a long time. I will open up the store for pre-orders soon. Please check back in a week!

Snowy Sitka

20 January 2020

After the heavy snow that Sitka received in the first half of January, Jfactory was out there mapping because Sitka hasn't had a good snow in a long time! Trying to capture the fresh-fallen, pristine snow is a time-critical endeavor. Before long, the snow gets dirty, wind blows it off the tree limbs, and chunks slide down the roofs. Here are some shots from the winter wonderland while it lasted.

Looking East from SFAC
The Sisters and Verstovia
Looking towards Mt. Edgecumbe
Looking at my first place of Sitka residence so many moons ago
Looking down on the SFAC 'Quad'
Looking at me through Tycho's lens