Jfactory Maps

There's a lot going on here with the website lately so check back in a week or so. I'm also trying to move things from my old site over to this one.

Sitka to Port Alexander

photos and a map of the southern half of Baranof Island

They just put one foot in front of the other and I just put it on a map 😜

The Martian Story Map

basically a book report :P

If you haven't read it and want a quick summary, this map can fill that void

Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Shadows aligned with the campus layout

This is made from Jfactory drone imagery!

The Marauder's Map of Sitka

Peel back the touristy facade and take a peek at Sitka's hidden magical layer

You'll need a password. Would you like a hint?

Sitka's 'the RIDE'

bus routes for Sitka

This project also involved getting the routes on Google & Apple maps!

Sitka Bicycle Parking

a map showing bicycle parking in Sitka

This map is a Work In Progress! Check back soon. If you're wanting to contribute to making this map, talk to me about OpenStreetMap!